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UFO-FBI Connection
by Bruce S. Maccabee

You - and FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully - need to read "UFO-FBI Connection." It'll give you a close-up view of the _real_ X-Files. In fact, since 1952, I've read about 125 UFO books and I think "UFO-FBI Connection" is the best of the bunch. Here is why.

First, "UFO-FBI Connection" is clearly the most accurate UFO book. Author Bruce Maccabee is an optical physicist consultant to the US Navy. His decades of professional scientific research helped guarantee an accurate investigation of the early official history of UFOs. He dug up hundreds of long-forgotten or never-released FBI, CIA, US Air Force, US Navy, and Department of Defense documents, all from the critical early years of official UFO research in the United States; this huge inventory of raw data helped assure an accurate overall evaluation. Dr. Maccabee soon saw that even though all of these official documents appeared sensible, upon closer scrutiny he found that many were inaccurate, nonsensical, or outright deceitful.

Second, Dr. Maccabee's scientific background and personal courage helped him dissect a mountain of official press releases and public statements. After carefully studying the official record, Dr. Maccabee fearlessly but calmly blows the whistle on government sloth, stupidity, and arrogance, as well as on the occasional "red herring" press release aimed at misleading the public, the media, and na´ve investigators.

Third, I consider "UFO-FBI Connection" the most thorough and well-organized investigation of one major aspect of the UFO subject. Dr. Maccabee's research took full advantage of the door-opening power of the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). He then structured his discoveries in the most professionally organized report I've ever seen on this subject. Here you'll examine proof positive of government incompetence, outright lies, and Orwellian "double-speak" intended to steer the public away from certain explosive facts. And exactly what kinds of explosive facts are we talking about, do you wonder?

In "UFO-FBI Connection" you will read the revealing testimony of radar operators who tracked UFOs over Washington, D.C. in July 1952. But perhaps more importantly, you'll also read the first-person account of Dr. Maccabee's conversation with a scientist who confirmed mind-boggling allegations of an official recovery of UFO crash debris and corpses of alien beings.

Finally, Dr. Maccabee's razor-sharp wit and keen sense of humor help make this book a delight to read. "UFO-FBI Connection" sparkles with quick insight, spontaneous humor, and flat-of-the-blade asides.

So, I recommend "UFO-FBI Connection" to everyone who expresses serious interest in what's really been going on, especially in those critical, earliest official UFO investigations.

You - and FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully - can know the truth about the _real_ X-Files, and that truth can set you free.

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