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Alien Contact : Top-Secret Ufo Files Revealed
by Timothy Good

I've probably read about a handful of books in my whole life, or at least at my own will, and I picked up this "Alien Contact: Top Secret UFO files revealed" book, by a Timothy Good. I read the whole damn thing and I'm nothing short of amazed by some of the content.

This book contained a very wide range of concepted "evidence" of extraterrestial beings. Such things as cow mutilations, to aircrafts,of possible space-time travel I might add, to also so very unconvincing aspects as well. Now the areas, that described what these aliens are doing here and their message's and their technologies and how it relates to the government and society and everthing that goes with this aspect, I found the most preferable to me, very very amazing. Back to the unconvincing aspects, first of all, this guy is obviously obseesed with all his "contacts" and clearances and questions and hogwash. Also, I might add he wasted my time with accounts of people with obvious mental problems. I dont need to here that stuff. If you've read it and your not nuts, you know what I'm talking about, the side effect type stuff, hypnosis by the government on these people to erase or alter their memory, and encounters with aliens, and sometimes just normal gov. people who just so happen to be able to look at them with their crazy catlike diamond eyes that pierce them and read their mind and answer them before they say anything and also tell them not to go to a certain meeting which they didn't tell anybody, notice my disinterest-like rambling.

Trust me it's just a portion of the completly unbelievablness of this book. I strongly have a personal feeling that the chances of their being extraterrestrial life in that vast outerspace, intelligent life, to be not just a chance but acceptable. I question though many parts of the whole alien concept, ufo's??, why do they need to fly around in the first place, for fun?, I don't know, especially here where people can see them, they obviously have not contacted us, or at least as a whole, so why fly where we can see them? Concern for them and the government to outright let society know, definetly understanable by me, if everyone one on this world were reasonable people, things would be a lot more different. If you haven't ever read content of this sort, do it. it's very interesting if your a ufo nut, proceed to be a nut.

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