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Alien Agenda : Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us
by Jim Mars

Editors Review
Alien Agenda is the silk thread leading the way through the maze of UFO literature into the heart of the UFO controversy. While he begins with the premise that the existence of UFOs cannot be denied, Jim Marrs (author of Crossfire, the mother of all John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy books) boldly strides into the battle over what UFOs are and why they are here. Marrs's investigative skills are invaluable in this re-examination of questions that have been overlooked, unaddressed, or unsatisfactorily resolved.

Reader's Review
Good read but Nothing New except excelleent writing and organization of material by the Author. Had I not read every other book in this genre, I would have liked this book a lot better. If you haven't bought a general review of UFOs, Alien Contact, and Secret Government Conspiracy, then I'd say buy it. However, Dr. Paul Hill's Unconvential Flying Objects has lenghty details about the crafts and sightings that will please both the novice and scientist. Brad Steiger's Alien Rapture is in a category all by itself in combining an exciting novel with newly released documents and detailed description of the flying triangle as well as why the government(s) have kept the secret and what is at stake. I've read all three of these selections from Amazon and read all the reviews before buying. For the first timer, this is an excellent general guide to read.

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