Watch this Panel Discussion of the UFO mystery. Requires the Real Player
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UFO's. Alien or Man Made
The governments of the world have been covering up everything that has to do with UFO's. Why?

Real Audio of a 911 Operator talking about UFO calls. Requires the Real Player. Click Here to Listen.

UFO Reports by Astronauts
Technological/Defence Implications
With an estimated annual spend of over 400 billion dollars for the purposes of military research and development by countries of our planet it must be obvious that any nation that can 'leapfrog' technology can obtain substantial rewards.

saucerThe Secrets of UFOs. Claims that control over gravity itself is the only explanation for the astounding maneuvers which saucers are said to make.

UFO Reports by Astronauts
Read this account by Mer Astronaut Major Gordon Cooper.

First hand Report of a UFO with 7-8 Lights, near Andrews Air Force Base.

Why are they here?

How do they get here?


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